Pentecostal Assembly is a fundamental, Bible believing church, rooted in the word of God, with a vital message for people today. Everyone without distinction of race or color is welcome to worship God in the divine spirit of truth.

The purpose of this church is to establish, maintain and perpetuate all of the teachings of the sacred scriptures, as well as exercise charity among the less fortunate.

This church, located in New Bedford, Massachusetts, was first dedicated to the service of the Lord in 1933. There are currently 120 members led by Pastor Jose Moniz. Pastor Moniz, a 1992 graduate of Zion Bible College, was elected to the position of Senior Pastor in 1994.

Pentecostal Assembly provides weekly services in the English and Portuguese languages. For service times and language preferences, please refer to our service times page.

We are mission focused. In partnership with the Greater Boston Food Bank, we help service the needs of SouthCoast residents by providing and maintaining a food pantry. For food pantry information, please refer to our Outreach page. In addition, we support 15 missionaries around the globe including Angola, Azores, Brazil, Cape Verde, China, Guatemala, Guinea, Haiti, India ( Upper Room Missions, Inc.), Israel, Italy, Mozambique, the Philippines ( Tom and Nancy Cook Ministries ), Portugal, Spain and the United States.

For more information about our mission outreach efforts, please refer to our Missions page.

If we can be of help to you, please let us know. We pray that you will be inspired and edified by your visit with us and God bless you!

Pastor Jose Moniz

  •   +508 996 9865-
  •   215 Sawyer Street, New Bedford, MA


She is a devoted mother of two kids. She loves the Lord and serves as Co-Youth Leader. She has been a member of Pentecostal Assembly since 2012. She has led an arduous life; yet through the turmoil and strife, she has kept her unwavering faith in God and His word. To know more, watch and listen to her story.

Meet Kristy

She is married and is a wonderful mother of three kids. She has been a member of this church since 2007. Like most of us, Jessica faced many challenges growing up and in the pursuit of love & happiness. Yet, her story is unique. Watch and listen to her story.

Meet Jessica

married with two kids. They dutifully serve on our worship team. Their relationship with God and with each other hasn’t always been easy. Watch them as they tell us what life was like for them before they became Christians and how they have changed and matured in God and as a Christian couple/parents.

Meet Rafael and Ruth

He is happily married with two kids. Mark loves the Lord and serves as Adult Sunday School Teacher at this church. He has been a member of Pentecostal Assembly since 2005. Watch and listen as Mark shares with us how his life has changed since accepting Christ and his love for his church.

Meet Mark

He is happily married to his wife, Amy. He has been a member of this church since 2006 . Through his conversion, God has used him to bring his parents to Christ. Through valley and mountain- top experiences, Chad tells his story of how he became a Christian, the love God has for us and his experiences at Pentecostal Assembly. Watch and listen to his story.

Meet Chad

She is a loving and caring mother and grandmother. She has dramatically changed her life since accepting Christ. This former drug dealer has now given her whole heart to God and wants nothing more than to do his will. She is an intrical member of our worship team and has been a member of this church since 2005. Watch and listen to her story.

Meet Taryn

He is happily married, has two children and two grandchildren. Gene has been a member since 1998. He loves the Lord and his church. A former Catholic, Gene shares with us his perception and experiences growing up and his search to fill the void in his life. Watch and listen to his story.

Meet Gene

She is a retired attorney and a member of this church since 1999. She loves and serves the Lord with all her heart. Watch and listen how Jane overcomes a childhood hardship and shares with us her relationship with Jesus and what it’s like to be a Christian. Watch and listen to her story.

Meet Jane


Service Times

SUNDAY Sunday School              9:00 AM English Service            10:00 AM Portuguese Service       6:30 PM MONDAY Intercessory Prayer        7:00 AM WEDNESDAY Portuguese Bible Study  7:00 PM Youth Service                  7:00 PM THURSDAY English Bible Study         7:00 PM SATURDAY Prayer                            7:00 AM* *1st Saturday of each month


Teens ages 13-18 are invited to attend Youth Group Service. Services are led by  Kristy Verissimo and Nicole Botelho. Youth Group Service is held every Friday at 7:00 - 8:30 P.M.

Children ages 6-12 are invited to participate in Little Lambs Chorus. It is a wonderful platform for children to gather in a fun group dynamic to sing, praise and worship the Lord. Children perform for the congregation during Sunday morning services and occasionally perform and bring joy to the elderly at various local nursing facilities. Little Lambs are led by Ruth Boia and Vanessa Inacio.
Every Tuesday at 5:00 - 6:30 P.M.
Please contact Vanessa for updated weekly schedule

Children ages 0-8 can be attended by a daycare volunteer during Sunday morning services.
Please contact Ninita for inquiries


Pentecostal Assembly’s Food Pantry is one of the most utilized departments. In partnership with the Greater Boston Food Bank and various local food venders, we help service the needs of local needy families with food and toiletries throughout the year.

The members of Pentecostal Assembly show their love and service to the homeless. We gather together to prepare and cook meals to bring to a local homeless shelter twice a year; on Easter and Thanksgiving Day.
If you are in need of food or assistance, please contact
Sister Lurdes Pinto (508) 994-3143
or call the church directly at (508) 996-9865

The Food Pantry is located at the church
Pentecostal Assembly
215 Sawyer St.
New Bedford, MA 02746